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Murano Titanium

Titanium Is a Synthetic leather with carbon fiber which gives your car cabin interior a more sporty look,and could also be combined with MURANO or MURANO Plus.

Why Titanium?

Titanium is specially designed for automotive interior needs.

Titanium has passed certain test for Automotive use. Proven Quality.

Titanium does not contain any metal substance, It’s Safe.

Titanium has a built in anti UV, Guard the color from fading under sun heat.

Titanium has a strong double knitted backing cloth. not easily scratched.

Titanium is the only synthetic that gives a 2 year warranty.

Murano Plus has the texture of a genuine leather.

Titanium is the only synthetic leather that has a doff color that will drop the sun heat.

Murano Synthetic Leather has a high durability resistance.

Murano Synthetic Leather has a complete range of color variant.

Murano Synthetic Leather is easily cleaned.


Color Guide

* Please note that your screen brightness and color may cause difference with the real product.

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